Creative Organization for the 'Hopelessly Disorganized'

  • Do people think of you as disorganized?
  • Does your office or home resemble the set for the old TV show "Sanford & Sons"?
  • Do you have lots of interests - all with accompanying 'stuff'
  • Do people have to take 'giant steps' in your place to step over your things?
  • Do you feel guilty about all the clutter in your life?
  • Do you waste time looking for things?
  • Have you tried other organizing methods, and failed?
  • Do you now have a whole collection of books on getting organized - somewhere?
If you fit the above, you need the Pilers Systemtm

Other ways simply won't work !! It's not that the other organizing books and methods are wrong - it's just that they were created by those who are already a little 'wound too tight'.

We need a system not for the naturally orderly person, not for the linear thinker, but for we creative types. That is what the Pilers System is all about.

As you explore our site, you'll find many useful tips and ideas. For maximum benefit, we encourage you to order the Piler Kit. You'll find it will open up new streams of creativity, and will finally allow you to conquer your clutter.

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