Surviving an Electronic Tidal Wave

Jupiter Communications predicts the number of commercial emails the average U.S. consumer receives each year will skyrocket from 40 in 1999 to 1,600 by 2005. That's in addition to personal and non-marketing email, which will jump from 1,750 to 4,000

The number of computers on the Net is growing 65% per year. The average number of email messages per day is 32, up 84% per year. The average message size is 286 kbytes, up 192% per year. (Source: Messaging Online ). This creates a compound effect from more email users, more messages and larger messages. Message traffic is growing at least 7x per year.

How to cope?

  1. Switch to text only email and not only do your file sizes go down dramatically, your chances of getting a virus/worm/trojan bug are almost zero.

  2. If your ISP or hosting company doesn't offer anti-spam filtering, find one who does! Get rid of the junk email, and you've got that much more time to do other things.

  3. You should set up several email 'boxes' and sort your mail as it comes in. Orders can go into one, messages from your family into another, email newsletters into a third. You can then open and read through only the important ones, and periodically purge the non-important ones. This can be done on your own computer through your email program or on the server at your ISP or hosting company.

  4. Don't give out your high-importance email address to everyone. Use another one for site registrations,etc.

  5. If you don't have time to manage your own website, get a professional Webmaster Service Provider to do it for you. It takes time, effort and knowledge. You do what you do best, let Internet experts do what they do best.

  6. Set time limits for general 'surfing' on the Net.

  7. Try to find ways to automate your web work as much as possible.

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