Don't Let Entropy* Win!

* Entropy - the natural scientific law that things tend to fall into disarray unless something actively works to keep them in order.

Simply Too Much Stuff!

You've got all kinds of collections, most of them unintentional. Collections of books, old catalogs, shoes, stamps, toys, power cords that don't go to anything anymore. Try these to gain control:

  1. Get a timer (kitchen timer is fine) and clean for 15 minutes. Do this a few times per day, and you'll make real progress.

  2. Clean one area and post a 'clear' sign there to remind you not to re-clutter it. Build another 'clear' area tomorrow. Soon the whole place will be clear.

  3. Turn de-cluttering into a dance. Draw the shades. Turn up the music. Do it naked if you want.

  4. Put everything into one of five boxes - take no more than 5 seconds to decide each item's fate:
    • Trash it
    • Donate it or give it away
    • Store it out of sight
    • Need to keep it handy
    • Can't decide yet...

  5. Work with a friend - or better yet someone who will be pressuring you to keep up the pace. It's much harder to work through a whole backlog of stuff on your own.

  6. Sell on the online auctions or at a yard sale - it's much easier to get rid of things when people give you money for them.
stack of papers and envelopes with beneath


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