Taming The The Paper Monster

  • We are drowning in an ever-increasing flow of information and paper.
  • Despite computers, PDA's and all that technology, the use of paper is not going down, but up.
  • Research shows that 80% of what we file we never use
  • The average worker spends 150 hours per year looking for misplaced information.
  • If you are an employer of 10 people with an average hourly wage of $20, you've lost $45,000 wasted in the search.
Our paper filing system requirements:
  • Fit your natural personality
  • Allow us to find anything within seconds!
  • Require very little time to create or maintain
  • Able to painlessly integrate stacks of old material with a bare minimum filing time investment
  • Require no fancy equipment or proprietary software
Your time is valuable. With the Piler SystemTM:
  • You can file any document within 7 seconds !

    No more deciding on where to put it, labeling a folder, putting it in the to-be-filed stack and then laboriously filing it away.

  • You can find any document within 7 seconds !

    No matter how long ago it came in, no matter what it is about.
Order your Piler System Kit.
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