The Messy Person

Feel guilty about it? Do you tend to pile things everywhere?

Relax. It's nothing to be worried about.

There are basically two types of people in the world - Filers and Pilers. One is not better than the other, they are just different. Pilers are almost always the more 'creative' type, while those who write most of the 'Get Organized' books are naturally more linear thinkers.

It is fruitless and a tremendous waste of time to try to become a Filer when you are naturally a Piler. Think of how many times you've resolved to get everything in order, and spent hours (or days) doing it. Then three weeks later, nobody could tell anything had been done.

It's an internal thing - our minds simply process information differently than the minds of Filers.

It is not a problem that you are a Piler: The only real problems are:

  • The messy appearance it gives you and your space
  • The time spent wasted looking for things
  • The resultant guilt and stress

The Pilers SystemTM solves all three problems, while not requiring you to 'rewire' your brain.

Embrace Your Piles!

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